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Long Term Disability in the Airline Industry: Don’t Fly By this Potential Solution

Every industry has its own challenges and nuances. Since our client base is widely varied, we routinely partner with our […]

Blog - July 11, 2024

Making Supplemental Health Benefits Part of the Absence Management Conversation

The absence management conversation is a critical component of every employer’s broader employee benefit strategy discussion these days, especially given […]

Blog - June 28, 2024

GCP Short: edRISK Launches Property, Liability Programmes

In a recent podcast from Global Captive Podcast, president and CEO of edRISK, Tracy Hassett, and our SVP, Prabal Lakhanpal, […]

Blog, News - June 3, 2024

Redefining Risk: Trends and Takeaways from RISKWORLD 2024

Every year, the Risk Management Society (RIMS) hosts its annual RISKWORLD conference, serving as an opportunity for 10,000+ risk professionals […]

Blog, Event Recaps - May 16, 2024

What’s Taking the Spotlight in Employee Benefits

The world of employee benefits is ever-changing. What’s hot one year may not be the next, and we are constantly […]

Blog - May 14, 2024

An Employer’s Quick Guide to Preventive Care

Preventive care is a critical component to wellness. Often people without known health issues overlook their preventive care, but it […]

Blog - May 13, 2024

Point Solutions Spotlight: Sleep

We have all greeted our alarm clocks with disgust at times or been a bit overzealous with the snooze button, […]

Blog - May 9, 2024

Simplifying Your ADA Strategy

Over the past five years, the outsourced vendor landscape has evolved related to the administration of the Americans with Disabilities […]

Blog - May 8, 2024

How Healthcare Costs Are Shaking Out in 2024

Unfortunately, news of rising healthcare costs seems less like news and more like the norm. In the last two years, […]

Blog - March 13, 2024