Absence Management & Productivity Solutions

As organizations grow, so do workforces. Managing and tracking employee absence due to short-term disability (STD); long-term disability (LTD); workers’ compensation (WC); federal, state, paid and unpaid family and medical leave (FMLA, PFL, PFML); Americans with Disabilities Act and Amendments Act (ADA/AA); other state, local or company specific leaves of absence (LOA); and paid time off (PTO) can be time consuming and the results costly. At Spring, our consultants and actuaries work with employers and public entities to implement customized, cost effective, compliant, and engaging absence management and productivity programs, keeping the employee experience in mind. We equally work with service providers, states, and governmental agencies to provide absence and productivity strategy, product development, benchmarking and associated services to align their offerings with market demand.


Health and Productivity Management

Absence management, ADAA Administration, Integrated Disability Management

Why It’s Important

When done right, absence management and productivity solutions can:

  • Reduce direct costs of specific programs and indirect costs of others they affect
  • Facilitate efficient and compliant administration
  • Improve the employee experience, increasing satisfaction with the process and engagement with the employer
  • Allow better reporting and record keeping, avoidance of lawsuits and the ability to plan for otherwise unknown or unscheduled absence
  • Improve overall workplace health and productivity
  • Attract and retain a competitive workforce

In fact, by helping clients with absence management and productivity strategies, we have seen the following results:

  • Reported savings from 5% to 25% of direct program costs
  • Reduction in disability days between 10% and 35%
  • Improved RTW rates by at least 6%
  • Increased employee engagement by at least 10%

Our Services

Spring offers unmatched leadership in the disability, absence, and productivity arena and has conducted numerous projects around the globe to address our clients’ specific concerns. We offer a wealth of knowledge, competitive intelligence, stay at work, return to work, medical management, compliance resources, and technology tools related to short-term disability (STD); long-term disability (LTD); workers’ compensation (WC); federal, state, paid and unpaid family and medical leave (FMLA, PFL, PFML); Americans with Disabilities Act and Amendments Act (ADA/AA); other state, local or company specific leaves of absence (LOA); paid time off (PTO), employee assistance programs (EAP); mental health solutions; wellness and other group health aspects.

  • Strategic planning & innovation
  • Competitive planning & program assessment
  • Industry & peer group benchmarking
  • Product development & deployment
  • Best practice policy review & revision
  • Process improvement & gap analysis
  • Claim audits & operational reviews
  • Vendor RFP, selection & management services
  • Implementation support for effective SaaS, carrier or TPA programs
  • Technology & system evaluation
  • Data & analytics reporting development and analysis
  • Alternative funding, program design & contribution methods
  • Actuarial analysis & best practices
  • Compliance support & financial mitigation advice
  • Clinical assessment & strategy enhancement
  • Communication design & implementation
  • Employee, HR, manager and sales education & training
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) & mental health consulting
  • Wellbeing solution evaluation & development
  • ADA, Return to Work and Stay at Work program review & assistance
  • Feasibility analysis for insourcing, outsourcing or co-sourcing approaches
  • Business case and ROI analysis for new investments

The Spring Advantage

Spring is a recognized leader on program integration; our team of consulting and actuarial experts has been at the forefront of absence and productivity innovation. Spring consultants hold leadership positions with industry organizations to include the Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC), where our consultants play an instrumental role in developing and editing content for publications such as DMEC’s Tools of the Trade and the Return to Work Program Manual, as well as the Employer Leave Management Survey and various learning management curriculum.

Our team doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to absence and productivity. We recognize and embrace that workforce needs change over time as do available tools and technology and the regulations governing our work. Because of this, Spring conducts the industry’s only Vendor Benchmarking Survey on an annual basis and supports it with its Ask Spring User Group to gauge trends, practices and marketplace perceptions. We also conduct a unique Employer Survey that allows us to “test” integrated concepts with the prime stakeholders of the industry’s programs and provide useful benchmarking to support strategies.

By working with Spring, you not only gain access to the most current thinking in disability, absence management and productivity solutions but also access to:

  • Spring’s Proprietary and Best Practice Absence Management Scorecard
  • Spring’s Leading Industry and Market Surveys
  • Spring’s Market Contacts and Unique Perspective
  • Spring’s Actuarial Resources, Pricing and Funding Approaches
  • Complimentary DMEC Membership and Access to Tools
  • IBI Benchmarking and Access to Reports