With winter quickly approaching, the Cayman Captive Forum last week provided a great escape from the cold weather and a fantastic excuse to visit a tropical paradise. As Cayman is the second largest captive domicile (behind Vermont), it is more than a vacation spot; a rewarding opportunity to address top trends and practices in the captive insurance and risk management space. Here are some driving topics of interest this year:

AI and Risk Management

As concerns surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) dominate headlines and conversations worldwide, it was only fitting that it was a popular topic of discussion this year at Cayman. AI holds an interesting position in risk management, in that it can be used to help identify risks and create efficiencies; but also can create vulnerabilities in cyber and digital. Here are a couple of innovative sessions on AI’s impact on risk management:

During the presentation “AI and your Captive,” beverage distributor, Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits explained how they were able to optimize their captive using AI and machine learning tools.

In the eye-catching session, “Chat-GPT/AI Concerns in Claims/Risk Settings,” risk experts reviewed how AI is being used in cyberattacks, especially towards healthcare organizations. They also examined the recent emergence of AI chatbots in healthcare.

Cyber Risks

This year there have been over 327 healthcare data breaches reported to the US Department of Health and Human Services, involving more than 40 million patients’ data1. Cyber is a top priority for risk managers, especially those working for healthcare employers. Here are some highlights:

The session, “Complex Cyber: Renewal to Claims” looked at current cyber insurance market trends for healthcare organizations and recommendations for protecting patient information from adverse incidents.

With emerging technologies, cybercriminals have more tools than ever at their disposal. A presentation titled “Cybersecurity Trends and Tomorrow’s Challenges: Future-Proofing Your Organization” highlighted strategies to combat evolving cyber threats.

Risk Face by Healthcare Organizations

As Cayman is the largest domicile for healthcare organizations2, healthcare-related risks receive a lot of buzz each year, and 2023 was no exception. Healthcare organizations face unique challenges, some of which include:

a) Social Risks

Within the healthcare sector, risk management teams must balance distinctive social and legal issues on top of day-to-day operations. Some noteworthy sessions included:

– The presentation, “The Impact of Social Inflation on Captives and Others,” reviewed shifting trends in medical professional liability and explored how risk management teams can better understand changing social influences and the risks tied to them.

– One engaging session entitled, “Reproductive Care Post-Dobbs: Protecting Patients and Providers,” provided insights into how a healthcare organization was able to identify emerging risks associated with reproductive care.
b) Workplace Safety and Medical Malpractice

With unique risks come unique coverages. Healthcare organizations often must turn to specialty insurers and experts to evaluate risks associated with workplace violence and medical malpractice. These topics were widely discussed during the conference:

– In the one-of-a-kind session, “Active Shooter Workplace Violence – Claims Coverages Consequences,” the Captive Owner from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center drew takeaways from their mass shooting over a decade ago.

– A session on “Implementing Structured Communication Processes to Avert Malpractice Claims & Reduce Patient Harm” spotlighted how nearly half of malpractice claims come from miscommunication and provided suggestions on streamlining communication.

– The final session of the conference “People Behaving Badly” reviewed a high-profile case where medical providers harmed patients and professional liability considerations for healthcare companies when disciplining or terminating staff.
c) Other Priorities

In addition to the topics discussed above, some other notable healthcare industry-focused sessions included:

– As virtual care continues to be popular post-pandemic, a group of risk experts discussed recommendations for “Managing the virtual practice of medicine in multiple states & the unique risks associated with this practice.”

– In a virtual session, “A total guide to total cost of risk,” an actuary and captive consultant discuss how to properly calculate and identify Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) and suggestions on how to adjust to changes in TCOR.

The Cayman Captive Forum was a strong finish to the year in terms of lessons learned and connections made. The farewell beach party is always an added bonus!  We welcome this chance to reflect back and look forward to what 2024 has in store for the captive space.

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