Every year, the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA)’s Annual Conference stands as a beacon for professionals in the captive insurance industry, offering a platform for learning, networking, and collaboration. With a rich array of sessions covering diverse topics, this year’s event, held in Scottsdale, Arizona, provided attendees with invaluable insights into pressing issues and emerging trends shaping the alternative risk financing landscape. Here are a few pivotal topics that captured the attention of participants.

Navigating Regulatory Dynamics

Regulatory changes are a constant in the world of captive insurance, influencing everything from taxation to domicile selection. Professionals in the field must stay abreast of these shifts to ensure compliance and operational efficiency. Many captive insurance professionals spoke about adapting to evolving regulatory frameworks, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and proactive. Here are some notable sessions:

Harnessing Innovation for Growth

Innovation lies at the heart of successful captive ventures, offering opportunities for enhanced risk management and increased cost savings. From exploring new risk transfer mechanisms to leveraging cutting-edge technology, captive professionals are continuously seeking innovative solutions to drive their organizations forward. The sessions below explore how to optimize risk management practices and capitalize on emerging opportunities for growth:

– Spring’s Vice President, TJ Scherer, presented a session titled “Breaking Down Barriers of Entry to Captives for Employee Benefit Professionals.” The session spotlighted ideal cases for a medical stop-loss group captive and common barriers that prevent the progression of captives.

– A group of service provider veterans explained the importance of “Building (and Keeping) Your Reputation” in the captive industry, including in-person networking, social media presence and more.

– Our Managing Partner, Karin Landry, presented on “Parametric Coverage: Bridging Gaps and a Bridge to the Future.” She helped lay out a roadmap for captive owners and risk managers to leverage parametric insurance to fund complex risks concurrently with their captive programs.

Addressing Emerging Risks

The risk landscape is constantly evolving, presenting new challenges and uncertainties for the captive industry. From cyber threats to climate change, emerging risks demand proactive risk management strategies to mitigate potential impacts. I wanted to share these sessions that focused on identifying and addressing emerging risks:

– The presentation “Insuring the Uninsurable: Finding Solutions to Challenging Risks” used California’s wildfire insurance crisis as a case study to explore how third-party coverage solves unique business problems.

– With nearly one trillion in runoff liabilities, the session “Runoff Liability Transfers: Mitigating Exposure to Your Captive” explained residual liability, the mechanisms for transfer to third parties, and the benefits, processes and timeframes.

– My session, “US Benefits and the Changing Landscape,” analyzed how employee benefit programs can potentially offer captive third-party coverages, improving the captive’s risk distribution framework and allowing for greater efficiencies and returns.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are increasingly recognized as essential components of a successful captive operation. Ensuring all parties (including covered employees of all backgrounds) have equitable access to benefits and are properly informed is the bedrock of a successful program. Here are some presentations I thought best highlight the importance of prioritizing DEI initiatives to drive excellence and long-term success.

– A group of experts explained the importance of “Driving Captive Innovation & Growth Through Diversity” and the critical role diversity plays in fostering a well-rounded captive and benefits program.

– The session, “Bridging the Generational Divide: Strategies for Effective Communication & Collaboration” brought to light a unique perspective when it comes to training the next generation of captive experts and spotlighted the importance of collaboration and productive communication.

– One of my favorite parts of the conference is the annual CICA Student Essay! This contest gives undergraduates the opportunity to establish a captive for their specific case study, select policy options, determine underwriting, pricing and more.

As a board member of CICA and the association’s secretary/treasurer, it was a pleasure attending and presenting at this year’s conference. The annual conference serves as a catalyst for dialogue, collaboration, and innovation within the captive insurance community. I had a great time tuning into insightful sessions, chatting with industry experts, and enjoying some fun happy hours. I am excited to see what next year’s conference has in store for us!