paid leave laws

In May 2015, the city of Philadelphia passed legislation regarding employer-provided sick leave. This act required most employers to offer 40 hours of paid sick leave per year to employees if they didn’t already. This annual sick leave can be used, not only by the employee to tend to his or her own maladies, but also to care for a sick family member.

This legislation is noteworthy enough in a vacuum, but when looked at as a whole along with a number of other recent similar state and municipal enactments across the country, is forming a significant trend. A growing number of jurisdictions are mandating employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees. As of October 2016, 5 states, 29 cities, 2 counties, and Washington D.C. have enacted paid sick leave laws, with several other jurisdictions planning to mandate paid sick time.

In our latest white paper, Lai-Sahn Hackett from Spring’s Integrated Disability Management team reviews legislative acts, across the country, related to sick leave to date and discusses the implications for employers and service providers alike.

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