Apologies for the short break in programming, but we’re back! This week we’re highlighting one of our consultants, Prabal.

Captive insurance consultingTitle: Consultant

Joined Spring in: October of 2015

At work: Much of Prabal’s work at Spring pertains to captive insurance companies; he undertakes strategic projects to help find innovative solutions for clients of a variety of industries, sizes, functionalities, etc.

Outside-of-work: When not at the office, Prabal loves watching soccer. He’s also constantly trying to lose weight while at the same time scoping out and trying new and interesting restaurants. No easy task.

Favorite season: Prabal’s favorite season is spring (love when that happens), because that’s when, “the winter is behind us and the summer’s ahead of us…living in Boston, that’s one of the nicest feelings.”

Favorite flower: Prabal was stumped by this one and asked us to get back to him. He still hasn’t managed to come up with a favorite flower. Men.

Favorite food: “Anything spicy…my current favorite is Thai food.”

Favorite part about working at Spring: This was an easy one for him: Christine (me, the person writing this). And then also…“I like that I’m constantly challenged at work and that every project brings with it a unique set of hurdles to climb that means that I’m: a) always kept on my toes due to the dynamic nature of my work and b) fulfilled in terms of my intellectual curiosity. Further, we have an awesome team that functions as a great support system both inside and outside the office. And of course, Christine.” (He’s a real brown-noser…just wants to make sure I don’t use an unflattering picture of him. I have a few).

Current TV show binge: Along with the rest of the world, Prabal recently finished Game of Thrones. In addition he loves the show Suits and also recently rekindled his love for Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother.


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