Is an Actuarial Analyst’s favorite hobby making spreadsheets? We had to find out, so we sat down with Alex.

Top Actuarial Firm

Title: Actuarial Analyst

Joined Spring in: August of 2016

At work: Alex plays a key role on our actuarial team, working on pricing, reserving and financial projections and analysis for client projects.

Outside-of-work: It turns out his spare time is not spent making spreadsheets. When not at the office, Alex enjoys reading, watching TV and/or movies and jogging.

Favorite season: Alex likes spring the best because it’s not too hot, and not too cold. It’s juuust right.

Favorite flower/plant: Bamboo.

Favorite food: Chinese. The authentic kind.

Favorite part about working at Spring: “The supportive, interactive and collaborative work environment.”

Currently jamming to: Jack Johnson & the like – mellow, acoustic music.


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