Who will run your business in the next generation? Your business is a large and important component to your life. For some it defines who they are and comes with a strong, honorable brand and reputation. Without proper and adequate business succession planning most will not survive long after a change in leadership. The success of transition depends on you and with our innovative and integrated solutions, we can work together to ensure your life’s work continues for years after you part ways.

Spring has a team of industry experts that include:

  • Legal
  • Accountants
  • Financial Advisors

We’ll ensure your maximize financial security and personal comfort as you succeed your business. The succession process includes multiple components and milestones beginning with the reorganization of equity, updating wills and trusts and reviewing existing insurance policies.

Each business owner’s strategy is different, some may know who will take on the leadership role, and other may need help in identifying and qualifying honest and reputable candidates. Whatever your situation is, Spring is prepared to assist you.

Our experts will draft Buy Sell Agreements, compensation procedures and a detailed tactical final phase plan. The business succession plan is always considered a working document; it is imperative that the plan be reviewed and updated as circumstances evolve and change. Spring’s business succession plans provide a high-level overview of who, what, when and why, in addition to a detailed tactical implementation plan that illustrates how the changes in ownership will be implemented and executed.

It takes years to plan correctly; the earlier you begin planning, the earlier you will know that you have a plan in place to pass down the legacy and prosperity of your business you spent your life building.