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Actuarial Innovation

Actuarial expertise is the quantitative foundation upon which effective risk financing decisions rely. We define actuarial innovation as the rare ability to translate complex mathematical constructs into actionable recommendations, expressed in the language of the client. Learn more

Alternative Risk Funding Solutions and Captives

Alternative risk funding solutions, including captives, consist of various ways in which organizations retain, finance, and manage risk. Sophisticated, forward-thinking organizations have for decades embraced alternative risk funding techniques to enhance the value and efficiencies of their employee benefits, and property / casualty insurance programs. Learn more


The same challenges that face our larger clients also affect and have relevance with our smaller clients. Spring uses the knowledge and resources to develop innovative and integrated solutions that address those needs. These solutions are offered through our brokerage division Spring Insurance Group. Learn more

Employee Benefits

In order to attract and retain top talent, employers are required to offer a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to their employees. Whether these benefits are employer paid or voluntary (employee paid benefits), employers must be able to meet their employees benefit needs without incurring unsustainable and unrealistically excessive costs. Learn more

Insurance Financial Services

Tested by the recent economic downturn and industry consolidation, insurance and financial service companies face a challenging and competitive market. These companies require product innovation and increased operational efficiencies to edge competitors and flourish. Learn more

Property & Casualty Risk Management

Today's corporate risk managers wear many hats. Very often, the risk manager is also the chief financial officer, treasurer or in-house counsel; consequently risk management often takes a back seat. As a result, many firms struggle to recognize the most efficient ways to manage and finance their risks, instead relying on the purveyors of insurance products to define their risk management agenda. Learn more

Wealth Strategies

What are your individual goals? What's your tolerance for risk? These are the different complexities that make your wealth strategy YOURS and not theirs. Spring Wealth Strategies (Spring) takes a different approach; we're all about listening, 85% listening and 15% implementation. We avoid that "one size fits all" approach and design an investment and financial plan that is customized to our client, which defines their short and long-term financial potential and an action plan on how to achieve those goals. Learn more