iStock_000026321546_SmallAs employers, we are all looking to offer the most attractive, cost-effective benefits package that will help us recruit and retain the best talent.

We are pleased to tell you about some exciting enhancements that Aflac recently announced for some of their voluntary benefits products. Some of these new features include:

For Critical Illness Plans:

  • Expanded coverage to now include progressive illnesses like ALS, Parkinson’s, MS & Alzheimer’s
  • The waiting period has been eliminated

For Hospital and Accident Advantage Plans:

  • Offer even more robust benefits and all plans have HSA options

Also, coming January 1, 2016, Aflac is embedding Health Advocate, Medical Bill Saver & Telemedicine AT NO COST in all Group plans-including automatically adding it to all of their current, in-force Group policies (Accident/Critical Illness/Hospital)! This can provide a tremendous value added service to your company and significant financial help & savings for all policyholders.

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