Spring Spotlight: Prabal Lakhanpal

Apologies for the short break in programming, but we’re back! This week we’re highlighting one of our consultants, Prabal.

Captive insurance consultingTitle: Consultant

Joined Spring in: October of 2015

At work: Much of Prabal’s work at Spring pertains to captive insurance companies; he undertakes strategic projects to help find innovative solutions for clients of a variety of industries, sizes, functionalities, etc.

Outside-of-work: When not at the office, Prabal loves watching soccer. He’s also constantly trying to lose weight while at the same time scoping out and trying new and interesting restaurants. No easy task.

Favorite season: Prabal’s favorite season is spring (love when that happens), because that’s when, “the winter is behind us and the summer’s ahead of us…living in Boston, that’s one of the nicest feelings.”

Favorite flower: Prabal was stumped by this one and asked us to get back to him. He still hasn’t managed to come up with a favorite flower. Men.

Favorite food: “Anything spicy…my current favorite is Thai food.”

Favorite part about working at Spring: This was an easy one for him: Christine (me, the person writing this). And then also…“I like that I’m constantly challenged at work and that every project brings with it a unique set of hurdles to climb that means that I’m: a) always kept on my toes due to the dynamic nature of my work and b) fulfilled in terms of my intellectual curiosity. Further, we have an awesome team that functions as a great support system both inside and outside the office. And of course, Christine.” (He’s a real brown-noser…just wants to make sure I don’t use an unflattering picture of him. I have a few).

Current TV show binge: Along with the rest of the world, Prabal recently finished Game of Thrones. In addition he loves the show Suits and also recently rekindled his love for Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother.


Spring Spotlight: Alex Huang

Is an Actuarial Analyst’s favorite hobby making spreadsheets? We had to find out, so we sat down with Alex.

Top Actuarial Firm

Title: Actuarial Analyst

Joined Spring in: August of 2016

At work: Alex plays a key role on our actuarial team, working on pricing, reserving and financial projections and analysis for client projects.

Outside-of-work: It turns out his spare time is not spent making spreadsheets. When not at the office, Alex enjoys reading, watching TV and/or movies and jogging.

Favorite season: Alex likes spring the best because it’s not too hot, and not too cold. It’s juuust right.

Favorite flower/plant: Bamboo.

Favorite food: Chinese. The authentic kind.

Favorite part about working at Spring: “The supportive, interactive and collaborative work environment.”

Currently jamming to: Jack Johnson & the like – mellow, acoustic music.


Spring Spotlight: Karen English

Summer might be wrapping up, but you’ve still got Spring (spotlights) to look forward to! This week we sat down with one of our Partners, Karen English.

Title: PartnerAbsence Management Consultant

Joined Spring in: Karen has been here from the start, having been one of the founding partners who formed Spring in March of 2004

At work: Karen leads a range of client projects in the areas of employee benefits, disability, absence management, workers’ compensation and voluntary products consulting. She helps clients figure out the best ways for all their different benefits offerings to work together. Her goal is to provide an experience that is as efficient as possible for both the employers and their employees.

Outside-of-work: When not traveling to client meetings, conferences, or leading core strategy here at Spring, Karen most enjoys spending time with her family. She also likes keeping active and being outside as much as possible, with favorite activities including jogging and hiking.

Favorite season: “Spring is my favorite season because it marks the end of winter; the grass is getting greener and everything seems fresh and new.” We promise we didn’t make her choose spring (but we’re glad someone finally did!).

Favorite flower: Gerbera daisy.

Favorite food: Karen’s a sucker for Mexican food.

Favorite part about working at Spring: “I like that I get to use my skill base and years of experience over and over on similar topics, but that every client has a different set of circumstances.  This makes every project and situation unique and interesting in and of itself!.”

What color crayon would you be and why? Karen would be Azure blue (very specific) because she finds it calming, like the sky and the ocean. It’s important to note that she would NOT pick Burnt Sienna. Gross.

Spring Welcomes Peter Johnson to the Actuarial Team

Spring is excited to welcome Peter Johnson, a seasoned actuarial and insurance professional, to the team. Peter joins is from Bartlett Actuarial Group and has spent years in the industry at companies like Milliman and Allstate. He is an invaluable asset as an expert in property & casualty actuarial work and is already a great addition to the team.p&c actuary

Peter is a Fellow in the Casualty Actuarial Society as well as a member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He brings to the table over 12 years of industry experience, with specific expertise in all things property & casualty, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, risk transfers and professional liability. Peter will further bolster our top-notch, in-house actuarial group and broaden the range of services we are able to provide clients.

Peter is not only well-known and respected in the industry, but he is a great cultural fit as well and we are very pleased to have him on-board! You can read more about his hiring here.

Spring Spotlight: Jack Sinibaldi

We hope you’re getting to know us better, slowly but surely, with these Spring Spotlights. We’re trying to demystify our work and give you a glimpse into life at Spring…how are we doing? Next up is Jack.

Title: Director of Client Serviceshealth insurance for small businesses

Joined Spring in: May of 2015

At work: Jack oversees the client service team of our brokerage arm, Spring Insurance Group. He takes great pride in making sure clients get the best possible products and services and ensuring that his team delivers quality service in a timely manner. Jack organizes regular training and development for his team so that they maintain a thorough understanding of the marketplace. He also works closely with senior management on client strategy and leads both client retention and acquisition. In summary, he’s got a lot on his plate.

Outside-of-work: Jack has been into sports his whole life, and continues to play in a local men’s hockey league. When he has some spare time, he also enjoys golfing, hiking and gardening.

Favorite season: “Fall is my favorite season because I love the changes in the leaves and the crisp mornings, not to mention pumpkin hunting. It’s fun see everyone preparing for the oncoming winter.”

Favorite flower: Jack picks lilacs as his favorite because he loves their smell.

Favorite food: Italian. Saw that one coming.

Favorite part about working at Spring: Jack most enjoys the constant interaction with his clients in trying to fulfill their business needs.

If given the chance, who would you want to be for a day? “JFK. I’ve always admired him and think he could have been one of our most successful presidents if his presidency wasn’t, unfortunately, cut short.”

Spring Spotlight: Phoenix Zhang

We don’t want you to forget about us over the 4th of July holiday, so we’re back this week with another Spring Spotlight so you can get to know our team better. A lot of our work is complicated and not always easily explained, but we all have a lighter, fun side too. Learn about Actuarial Analyst and critical team member, Phoenix Zhang, below.

Title: Actuarial FirmActuarial Analyst

Joined Spring in: September of 2015

At work: Phoenix is primarily responsible for helping with financial reporting, reserving, projections and liability valuations for client projects. Not sure what this all means? No worries, we have a glossary for that.

Outside-of-work: “Actuarial exams!!!” Phoenix spends much of her free time studying for a series of certification exams given by the Society of Actuaries. But she does make time for herself too – she just started taking barre classes and has been going almost everyday. “After 8 hours of sitting at work, it is nice to stretch and get moving, and I always feel energized after”, explains Phoenix.

Favorite season: “I like fall because of the colors of the leaves and the fun holidays that happen during the season, like Halloween.” Phoenix also enjoys fall because there are a lot of festive activities to do outdoors – she loved going apple picking and grabbing some cider and a doughnut at local cider mills during her falls spent in Michigan (btw, she’s a Wolverine…see that pennant?).

Favorite flower: Phoenix likes lilies because they’re pretty and she thinks their long, tall stems makes them elegant.

Favorite food: “I like a really good salad – but not one that is just veggies – preferably some grains, meats and plenty of cheese included!” Phew, thought she was going too healthy on us there for a second.

Favorite part about working at Spring: Phoenix says, “I like the fact that I’m getting exposed to different aspects of the business. For an actuary, it’s really important to have experience in different types of projects.” We know her 2nd favorite part is our monthly bagel celebration, but that doesn’t sound as good 🙂

If you were stuck on a desert island, what 3 things would you want to have with you?  Phoenix would bring a box of matches, multivitamin gummies and a fully-charged iPod loaded with good music from all decades between 1900-2010. She was pretty clear about not needing any music that came out after 2010. #GloryDays

Spring Spotlight: Aadil Ikram

We hope these behind-the-scenes employee spotlights give you a better idea of who we are, what we do and what it’s like to work at Spring. Next up we have Aadil: part bartender, part chef and part consultant-in-the-making.

Title: Consulting AnalystSpring Consulting Analyst

Joined Spring in: December of 2015

At work: At Spring, Aadil takes on project management responsibilities and is particularly focused on captive feasibility studies, disability management outsourcing and data analytics. He is also charged with the extremely important initiative of the Friday happy hour drink cart 🙂

Outside-of-work: When not working on client projects and presentations, Aadil loves playing with his dog, Nemo, and golfing when the weather’s nice. He also enjoys cooking and he’s not half-bad; we’ve been lucky enough to try some of his specialty dishes here at the office!

Favorite season: “I like the fall best, because where I come from (Pakistan) it’s only one season throughout the whole year. So experiencing the change in season from summer to fall and watching the leaves change color is really beautiful, in my opinion.”

Favorite flower: “Lilies – don’t ask me why though.” Okay, we won’t.

Favorite food: Aadil’s a big fan of Japanese food, especially traditional sushi. However he’s very adamant about not having avocados in his sushi.

Favorite part about working at Spring: Aadil loves the people at Spring and the teams he gets to work with. He also notes that, “Everyone is very collaborative. The culture is inclusive and everyone’s voice is heard.”

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken and why? “My senior year of college, a group of about 35 of us when to the Dominican Republic for spring break. It was the last trip we all took together and it was a perfect, bittersweet closing to my college days.” He’s been adulting ever since.

Spring Spotlight: Michelle Chivian

What is it we do over here? Consulting, actuarial services, health insurance – that’s all well and good, but who are we? We’re looking to clear things up and put some faces to our name, especially since we’ve been blooming with new team members lately. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the Spring team. Next up is Michelle.

Spring Consulting Group CareersTitle: Executive Assistant

Joined Spring in: December of 2014

At work: Michelle is pretty much Karin Landry’s (Spring’s Managing Partner) right-hand person. While she is dedicated to making sure all runs smoothly in Karin’s crazy busy work life, Michelle has also embraced the opportunity to help the entire company. She takes on certain office managerial responsibilities (i.e. we have her to thank for our monthly birthday lunches and birthday celebrations!) and enjoys being here to assist in whatever might come up.

Outside-of-work: When not here coordinating a myriad of logistics, Michelle loves to cook and travel. She and her husband have a passion for wine, having both worked in the industry, and enjoy going out for wine dinners as well as staying in with a home-cooked meal. Wine and food: the perfect pairing. Michelle is also quite the jet-setter – she’s heading to Paris this summer and heads out to Napa Valley about once a year!

Favorite season: “People might hate me for saying this, but I love winter! I love the snow and the freshness of the air. I like taking walks on the beach with no one else there – not to mention my birthday’s in the winter too!” Well, Boston is a great place for winter-lovers (they do exist).

Favorite flower: “I love hydrangeas – especially antique hydrangeas which are super colorful and blossom in the fall.”

Favorite food: Michelle comes from a big Italian family, so it’s no surprise that her favorite food genre is Italian. While she likes going out to eat, she actually prefers her own cooking, and especially loves her homemade meat sauce.

Favorite part about working at Spring: “The uncertainty of what each day will bring – in a good way. Every day is a new challenge and that’s fun and exciting to me.” Michelle loves working with Karin, who she notes is both kind and funny. Overall, Michelle likes that she is always busy and enjoys being able to help.

If you weren’t here at Spring doing a wonderful job, what would you be doing? “I would probably be doing volunteer work with Dana-Farber, at the children’s hospital. It’s an amazing organization and ultimately how I’d want to spend my time. Oh, and traveling the world too, of course!”