Spring to Sponsor RIMS 2018 Annual Conference

RIMS 2018

Spring team at RIMS 2017

It’s been a busy conference season for us here at Spring, and it’s not over yet! We are excited to be sponsoring and exhibiting at this year’s RIMS (The Risk Management Society) annual conference in San Antonio, Texas from April 15th – 18th. Spring has been actively involved with the RIMS organization for over a decade and we are pleased to continue this partnership. Further, after having just endured three Nor’Easters in a two-week span, we are ready to pack our bags for warmer weather!

The event boasts an incredible turnout each year, and we’re sure this year will be no exception with an expected audience size of almost 3,000. This ties in well with the 2018 theme, “Go Big.” RIMS is one of the best events for risk managers to network, learn and share ideas. The four-day conference combines a good mix of work and play and brings an impressive list of talent when it comes to speakers and content. We’re particularly excited to see Jay Leno!

If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance you will be at RIMS too, so please don’t forget to come say hi to us at booth #753. We’ll have giveaways, raffle prizes and more, and we’d love to chat with you!

Spring to Speak About Absence Management at the IBI Annual Forum

This is a busy time of year for the Spring team when it comes to conferences, and we’re excited to announce that one of our Partners, Karen English, will be speaking on a panel at this year’s Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) Annual Forum. We have sponsored and been involved with the organization for many years now, and we look forward to continued participation as we join other benefits professionals for another thought-provoking summit. This year’s conference will be held from March 12th-14th in San Francisco and boasts about 25 different educational sessions, along with networking opportunities like a dinner cruise.Employee Benefits Conference

As a speaker, Karen will be in good company, with other IBI Forum sessions being led by representatives from companies including Delta Airlines, Prudential Financial, Walmart, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Walgreens and many others. On Wednesday, March 14th  from 8-9 AM, Karen will join Gene Lanzoni of The Guardian Life Insurance Company, Claudia Ruggiero of Chevron and Kerry Daley of Robert Half International.

The presentation, entitled “Evolving Your Absence Management Strategy: Let’s Talk Best Practices” will provide an overview of the different companys’ absence management programs, best practices and how it all works for that company based on things like corporate culture. The need to constantly adapt and modify your program will be stressed, a concept that will be demonstrated with specific examples.

Attendees of this session can expect to come away with strategies for identifying trends in your absence management program, tips for how to take action and implement changes, an understanding of key metrics to consider and more. If you’re wondering how to keep your absence management program updated and running with optimal efficiency, don’t miss out on this presentation!

With a Nor’Easter coming our way, we’re especially excited to head out to California, and we’re never disappointed by the quality of content or turnout at the IBI Annual Forum. Hope to see you there!

Spring to Lead Two Sessions at This Year’s CICA Conference

The Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) Annual Conference is just about around the corner, and Spring is excited to be participating in two of the conference’s many valuable sessions this year.

The conference, penned with the theme, “The Challenge of Change” this year, is set for March 11th-13th at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. We expect about 400 of the industry’s best and brightest to attend, and hot topics are sure to include regulatory issues, preparing for the future of captives and global and emerging captive markets, among others.CICA Annual Conference

The Arizona sun and warmth, as well as the opportunity to meet and network with so many esteemed colleagues, isn’t all the Spring team has to look forward to this year. This will be our 10th straight year of involvement in the CICA annual conference, so we are excited to be speaking in two sessions: “Captives 201: Is It Time for a Captive Refresh?” and “The Risk Business of Cyber: From Traditional to Terrorism”.

Representing Spring and speaking to the importance of keeping your captive fresh and optimized will be Karin Landry, Managing Partner. She will be joining Brian Johnson of Risk International Consulting and Steve McElhiney, President of Tall Pines Insurance Company in discussing this critical issue. The session is scheduled for Monday, March 12th from 1:30-2:30 PM. 

In-house cyber expert and Senior Consultant at Spring, Prabal Lakhanpal, will be sharing his knowledge of cyber risk and its prevention and mitigation at this year’s conference, along with Stephen Vina from Marsh & McLennan who will be focusing on the relationship between cyber and terrorism. This session will take place on Monday, March 12th from 4:15-5:15 PM. 

If you’ll be attending the CICA conference this year, be sure to tune into the above presentations – you won’t be disappointed!

World Captive Forum Recap: 5 Hot Topics

The World Captive Forum, sponsored by Business Insurance, held its 27th annual conference earlier this month in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. From captive owners, reinsurers, brokers, regulators and more, the event brought together about 300 of industry thought leaders, and we were happy to have taken part (and not just because we got to temporarily escape winter in Boston).

It’s been a few weeks now and we’ve had time to reflect on the topics and issues that really stuck with us after leaving the conference. As always, we wanted to share our vieGlobal Captive Marketwpoint. So if your schedule didn’t allow you to attend the World Captive Forum, or you’re just a little fuzzy on the details several weeks later, we’ve got you covered! Stay in the loop with our event highlights below.

1. International Regulations & Markets

Being the World Captive Forum, it makes sense that there was a significant focus on captive happenings outside of the US. A panel including employees of Willis Towers Watson and the State of Delaware commented on Brexit,, BEPS, IAIS, US tax reform and other issues related to international regulations that are important for the captive market. Later, we heard an update on the Latin American captive market from regional thought leaders. Among other lessons, we learned that Mexico and Colombia have the leading captive markets, while Peru, Argentina and Brazil have various obstacles hindering their captive development and growth.

2. Captives & Benefits

Captives can be a powerful, advantageous funding mechanism for an organization’s employee benefits. But as the world of benefits continues to change and evolve, so too has that structure. Bill Fitzpatrick and Mark Cook provided updates on global (there’s that word again) employee benefits and captives best practices. They outlined some of the different considerations for benefits and captives in different countries. Marsh then led a session on using voluntary benefits to grow your captive. They highlighted the advantages (or benefits, you could say) of voluntary benefits, different products available, factors involving ERISA and other pertinent issues.

3. Medical Stop-Loss

Mark Weinstein of Independent Colleges and Universities Benefits Association (ICUBA) led a discussion around the adding of medical risk to a captive, and all that entails. His panel explored different medical risk structures as well as the significance of risk diversification. In a separate roundtable, representatives from companies like Coca-Cola and Kirkway International covered medical stop-loss captives – their advantages and factors to consider.medical stop-loss

4. Microcaptives & Cells

In light of last year’s Avrahami vs. Commissioner court case ruling, it’s no surprise that microcaptives have been grabbing more of the industry’s attention. Specifically, one panel including Jeremy Huish and Mary Ann McMahon focused on pooling in microcaptives: how it works, best practices, IRS considerations, a look at how pooling relates to Avrahmi and more. The presentation included a case study highlighting The Spinx Company. Later, David Provost of the Vermont Department of Insurance presented with colleagues on the innovative ways to utilize a cell company. The session highlighted benefits like stop-loss protection , outlined the various possible structures and demonstrated it all through a look at an actual client’s experience. Further, a roundtable discussion delved further into the topic of microcaptives and cells.

5. Captive Optimization

A captive is a worthwhile endeavor, but it is a large one. As such, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of it and continually checking for new opportunities that may have arisen due to market or regulatory changes. This theme appeared in a few different sessions at World Captive Forum. In one, “Spicing Up Your Captive”, introduced pensions, cyber, intellectual property, climate risks, reputation and others as food for thought when it comes to new captive strategies.

In another session, our very own Karin Landry, along with Michael Lubben of Henry Crown and Company/CCI, highlighted the importance of undergoing captive refeasibility studies on a regular basis, to ensure there are no missed opportunities and that your captive is keeping up with the changing needs of your organization. The presentation also included a case study. The topic got even more stage time when it was discussed in a roundtable – “Doing More With Your Captive.”

Captive Optimization


We hope this recap helped you glean all of the most prevalent and highly discussed issues of the 2018 World Captive Forum, whether you were able to attend or not. As you can see, we weren’t just in it for the weather! We enjoy having the opportunity to look back at each event we go to and sharing our takeaways with like-minded professionals. Keep an eye out for a similar synopsis after the CICA Annual Conference next month!



Spring Speaking at World Captive Forum

World Captive Forum 2018The Spring team will be happy to escape the cold Boston winter at the end of January and head down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for Business Insurance’s World Captive Forum. The conference, which will run from January 31st through February 2nd, will be a gathering spot for hundreds of professionals in the captive insurance and risk management industries. Spring has been involved with the World Captive Forum on several prior occasions, and is excited to be both a sponsor of and a speaker at this year’s event.

Karin Landry, Spring’s Managing Partner, will be presenting, “Time For a Captive Refresh?” on Thursday, February 1st from 1-2 PM. If you’re interested in learning how to ensure your captive remains optimized throughout the regulatory and marketplace shifts that happen regularly, you should listen in to Karin’s session. Further, the Spring team will have a home base at booth #13, so feel free to come chat with us.

Spring to Exhibit at Yankee Dental Congress

For the 8th year in a row, Spring is pleased to participate in the annual Yankee Dental Congress annual event that runs from January 24th – 28th in Boston’s Seaport area.

Yankee Dental Congress Boston

Our brokerage arm, Spring Insurance Group, has been helping small businesses, including a large number of Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) members, to obtain and manage affordable, robust health plans for their employees. Each year, the team looks forward to connecting with new people and meeting existing clients at the event, which brings in about 27,000 industry professionals.

Spring is excited to be exhibit at the Yankee Dental Congress once again this year, as it is a core way for our brokerage to stay in the loop on industry trends and meet professionals who could use our help. If you’ll be attending Yankee Dental in January at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, be sure to stop by our booth and say hi! We’ll be at booth #605.

5 Prominent Terms from the 2017 Cayman Captive Forum

Cayman Captive ForumSpring has been involved in the annual Cayman Captive Forum for almost a decade now, and our team had another great experience in 2017 just after Thanksgiving. As a regular sponsor of the event, Spring looks forward to the conference each year as a way to keep up with industry trends and benchmarks and meet with both familiar and new peers – not to mention the escape from Boston’s cold, oncoming winter season.


After each major event we attend, we try to reflect upon key takeaways and prominent themes. It’s easy to go to a conference and them promptly forget most of what you learned, simply because you need to get back to your normal obligations, and this is especially true when said conference happens amidst an already bustling holiday season. Well, we didn’t want that to happen – to us or to you! So here are the highlights of the 2017 Cayman Captive Forum, from our perspective. Between ice cream socials and quick visits to the beach, we came back with quite a few learnings. As you’ll notice, some of these topics overlap each other.

  1. “Regulatory”
    The captive world has long been a complicated one when it comes to the regulatory environment. This year, perhaps heightened by events like the Avrahami vs. Commissioner case and proposed tax and healthcare reform, industry professionals have even more questions and, luckily, answers.Alan Craig led a session on compliance regarding CIMA inspections – what is required by the Insurance Manager? What about the Auditor? Another panel, including a Deputy Head at the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, further discussed CIMA changes and their implications, as well as possible upcoming regulatory shifts and global trends.


  2. “Tax” 

    Not unlike the regulatory sphere, in 2017 it’s no surprise that the subject of taxes raised a lot of questions and peaked many people’s interest. Luckily, Cayman attendees had some experts to help them out. Own a captive for a non-profit or tax exempt entity? Tom Jones and Andrew Blevins had you covered in regard to legal issues and the tax definition of “insurance.” On the other hand, taxable entities were addressed too, with items discussed including: the federal excise tax, US tax reporting requirements, offshore federal tax considerations and more. US tax reform, Avrahami v. Commissioner and foreign excise tax took center stage in another lawyer-led panel, which essentially closed the loop on all tax-related industry issues.

  3. “Healthcare” 

    The conference saw a great turnout from healthcare organizations, so it makes sense, in additional to the ongoing regulatory changes, why healthcare was a

    Risk Management Healthcare

    Image taken from Cayman Captive Forum presentation given by Paul Greve, Gary Leonard, Larry Smith and Angela Russell

    noteworthy theme throughout the three days.

    One session entitled “The Future is Here!” discussed the realities of telehealth and the opportunities it poses for different professionals in the captive world. Julie Robertson of Honigman also led a discussion on population health – identifying health risks, creating loss control and risk mitigation systems and how this all relates to captive participation.

  4. “Cyber” 

    In this day and age you’d probably be hard-pressed to find any kind of business conference that didn’t touch upon cyber, but in the world of risk management it is even more critical.Mark Reynolds of Harvard University and Chet Porembski of OhioHealth highlighted the important relationship between cyber risk and patient safety and argued that cyber threats should be an ERM issue, and not a problem for the IT department. Cyber expert Michael Bazzell then talked about major cyber attacks of 2017 and what you should do if you were affected. To make it even more real, Charles Kolodkin of the Cleveland Clinic explained how his team controls for cyber risk and key factors that are especially relevant for the healthcare industry.

  5. “Innovation/Opportunity” 

    As some of the most forward-thinking industry professionals gathered at the Cayman Captive Forum, new strategies, innovations and opportunities were discussed at length.Todd Jones explained the opportunity at “the intersection of people and risk”, while a panel including the SVP of Sompo International’s healthcare practice argued for the utilization of grievance data as a strategic captive advantage. Becky Havlisch of Banner Health, among others, discussed some nontraditional captive coverages and when they should be considered by illustrating the experience of three healthcare captives.


If you couldn’t make it to the Cayman Captive Forum or have found that much of what was discussed has gotten lost in the holiday shuffle, we hope we gave you a good glimpse into the conference’s hot topics.


Spring to Sponsor Cayman Captive Forum

Spring is delighted to be sponsoring the 25th annual Cayman Captive Forum this November 28th to the 30th in the Cayman Islands. We have been involved with the organization for about a decade, and enjoy attending the event each year (the warm weather helps!).

Cayman Captive Forum

The event kicks off with a golf tournament and then we’ll dive right into three days of educational sessions, receptions and networking opportunities. Our team is excited to see familiar faces and meet new industry professionals as well. Topics covered will include workplace safety, cyber risk, telehealth, regulatory updates, group captive strategies and more. This conference never disappoints and we’re happy to be a part of it.

If you’ll be at the Cayman Captive Forum, be sure to stop by booth #7 and say hello to our team, and enter our raffle! We’ll be in the back left corner of the exhibitors room and we’d love to chat with you.