Creating next generation solutions that maximize health, wealth and productivity.

Spring Consulting Group, LLC is a multidisciplinary employee benefits and risk management consultancy. Our functional expertise covers the full spectrum of organizational risk, from small group health insurance for dental practices, to captive insurance for large, multinational corporations. While our practice areas are managed separately, each conforms to a common set of principles that ensures consistency, transparency, thoroughness, and client care of the utmost quality.

Our client work does not occur in silos – we recognize that sophisticated organizations demand a fully integrated approach to problem solving and value creation. We know that every client has unique challenges, needs, and desires. Our consultants, actuaries, and insurance specialists know that asking the right questions produces valuable and actionable results.

Through innovative risk financing and wealth creation strategies, our clients gain long-term, measurable financial benefits. Our financial services product development initiatives and integrated disability management protocols create revenue opportunities and reveal cost savings heretofore considered beyond our clients’ reach.

Product and service innovations must produce tangible value. In 2010 Spring received a patent for a unique business method that creates significant value for employers that fund their employee and retiree medical benefits through a captive. This exemplifies how Spring’s innovation leads to positive results, creating measurable value over time.

Through our annual vendor/employer surveys we gather detailed information regarding service provider quality and value, and how (and whether) those attributes translate into customer satisfaction. Our findings also document key trends in the integrated disability, absence, and health management markets. This research includes the extent to which employee wellness initiatives affect productivity and absenteeism.

Asking the right questions produces the best outcomes. Welcome to Spring.